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Walking step-by-step with a ICF credentialed business coach makes all the difference in getting a small business organized for maximum profitability and success.


Small Business Growth Coaching 

Small Business Accelerator Coaching 

If you are tired of working too many hours for too little money and are ready to set your business up for long-term success, our Small Business Growth Coaching Pathway can take you there!

Growth Coaching

Practical Help for Small Business Owners!

Developing a winning small business does not need to leave you frazzled and frustrated!  Our Small Business Growth Coaching will empower you with proven business development principles so that you can set your business up to succeed without being constantly tied to your business.

In Small Business Growth Coaching Tim will help you:

  • Learn the sequential steps successful business owners use to develop their business.

  • Leverage the keys for driving increased profits, and the strategies you can use to get them.

  • Develop a strategic approach to customer acquisition so that getting and keeping new customers is easy!

  • Implement a recruitment strategy so you find and hire the right people on your team and set them up for success.

  • Learn how to automate your business with processes.

  • Gain the confidence to lead your business like the pro you are!

  • Refocus on the dream that can fuel and energize your day and free you up in life.

Options to fit every business:

Small Business Growth Coaching is client directed, focusing on strengthening those core areas you identify that will be most helpful in building your business. With options ranging from two, three, or even four sessions per month, we have packages to fit every schedule and every budget.  ​Best of all, we operate without locking you into any long-term contracts!  This lets you grow in a "no-risk" coaching environment as you build your business.

Time is money in business.  Our Small Business Accelerator Coaching Pathway is designed to put your business into overdrive quickly with your own unique business operating framework and customized profit strategies integrated into your business at an accelerated pace.

Accelerator Coaching
Colleagues Working Together

Big Goals Require Big Momentum!

Just like a runner needs to accelerate to win the race, your business needs to accelerate to achieve your goals.  You can't afford to be sidetracked by repeatedly putting out fires or resolving the same issues time after time.  In our Small Business Accelerator Coaching Pathway, you will fast-track your business success as we integrate a fully customized business building framework into your business in an accelerated fashion.

In Small Business Accelerator Coaching Tim will help you:

  • Design and fully implement your own unique business operating framework.

  • Shape and grow a winning business culture that fuels success.

  • Learn how to recruit the right people to your team and set them up to win time after time.

  • Gain the skill to make great business decisions quickly.

  • Set up your customized growth system so you have a constant inflow of new customers.

  • Optimize your profit margins through simple but effective strategies.

  • Hone your leadership skills so you grow to become a next-level leader.

  • Have your own business KPI dashboard!

Options to fit your business:

In order to accelerate your business to its maximum efficiency quickly, our Small Business Accelerator Coaching is delivered through a more focused and extended monthly delivery system.  There are three options from which to choose.

  • 2X Accelerator.  A monthly two hour accelerator coaching session and a follow up 75-minute session focused on implementation and addressing key issues to move your business forward. 

  • 4X Accelerator.  A monthly half-day accelerator coaching session and a follow up 75-minute session focused on implementation and addressing key issues to move your business forward.

  • Team Accelerator.  3-5 full day sessions spaced a month apart.  Each month, these sessions are followed up with a 75-minute coaching session with the business owner focused on implementation and addressing key issues to move the business forward.

There is a six-month minimum commitment to help you build momentum as you organize your business for success.  After this, your coaching will be month-to-month..  This let you speed your coaching up, slow it down, or end it at any time following the sixth month without penalty.

How Business Builder Small Business Coaching Pathways Work

Coaching Process circles.png

The Business Builder Small Business Coaching Pathways are designed to grow you as a leader and set your business up for success.  In our coaching, I will come alongside you as a thinking partner in your business.  I will use my experience and expertise to help guide you as we use a proven framework of business development principles to guide us along.  On this journey you will discover new approaches, new strategies, new processes, and new ways of thinking that will help you break through preset barriers and self-imposed limitations. 

The reason we use a coach approach is because, as you learn the process of business development, we want you to take full ownership of the decisions that need to be made and the work that must be done to make your business a full success.  That doesn't mean you'll always get it right.  We will be right there walking with you to help you consistently learn, grow and make progress.

The diagram with circles can be a great reference tool for you.  It represents seven key areas that successful businesses use to optimize their business.  These don't represent the "answers" per se.  What they do represent are interrelated business components that we will want to explore in our journey.  Together we'll get your business on track and see you achieve your goals!

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