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The whole point of working with a coach is to become the best leader you can be. It is an investment in yourself and your business that pays for itself many times over.




Leadership 360 Coaching Program

Exceptional leadership means constantly honing one's skills while investing in self-development. Our Leadership Baseline 360 Assessment and Coaching Program provides leaders the insights into what's driving their success and the areas they can focus on to improve.

Leadership 360 Assessment and Coaching Program

Leadership blind spots destroy productive teams and kill companies, costing them millions of dollars. It doesn't have to be that way.


Utilizing the top 360 feedback solution available today - used by over half of the Fortune 100 companies - and combing it with four weeks of high performance leadership coaching, we enable key leaders to step outside their own perspective and gain a new lens on their leadership. As blind spots are removed, leaders discover powerful new ways to optimize their strengths and create sustained growth for themselves and their teams.   

Dynamic Situational Coaching

We expect a lot of ourselves as leaders.  Those around us have a lot riding on our ability to lead well. Our Leadership Growth Coaching Program is designed to help high-level leaders establish priorities amid the chaos, align their leadership, and focus on what matters in order to produce maximum results. 

Leadership Growth Coaching Program

We expect a lot of ourselves as business leaders. We're driving hard for greater success.  We want to lead well, have a lasting impact, and feel satisfied in life - all at the same time. Sometimes as we navigate the chaos of our busy lives, we lose focus on those key areas that allow us to achieve our full potential. 


Here at Business Builder Leadership Coaching, we are experts at helping you maximize your personal and professional potential, increase your life satisfaction, and live according to your primary purpose.  


Leadership Growth Coaching is a customizable individual-learning solution which is co-designed between the leader and the coach to meet the leader's development goals. In dynamic coaching we begin by examining your values and desired outcomes. Tim will then utilize insightful questions and proven coaching tools to help you enlarge your vision, think outside your box, remove your blinds spots, and align your life. As we progress, he'll work with you in developing action plans and the accountability systems to propel you toward new levels of success and satisfaction in all you do.

"Tim Snell served superbly as my leadership coach. Tim asked powerful questions, helping me gain invaluable insight into my 'blind spots' and leading me to develop new opportunities as a business and church leader. Based on his leadership experience in both churches and business, Tim brings a unique combination of keen business insight and strong support/encouragement. He helped me bring both my head and heart into developing my goals and plans. If you want an outstanding “thinking partner” who is committed to helping you live out your life’s purpose and calling, I strongly urge you to hire Tim as your coach today!​​"


The Great News Is that Coaching Works!

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Source: 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study

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