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A clear understanding of your strengths, as well as your blind spots, is the beginning point of making your team better.





Focused on the small to medium-sized business, we have a full suite of assessment tools to help you develop great leaders, drive employee engagement, and enhance the cohesiveness of your team.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Gallup tells us that a disengaged employee costs an organization $3,400 for every $10,000 of income. That means an actively disengaged employee in your company who makes $60,000 annually costs your company $20,400 each year!  


Today, more and more companies are finding that investing in measuring and improving employee engagement has a valuable investment. Companies that have engaged employees are 18% more productive and increase profitability by 22%!  

At Business Builder Leadership Coaching, we have all the tools you need to measure and drive high employee engagement throughout your organization. We provide a scientifically validated employee engagement survey, followed with an online detailed dashboard providing a picture of engagement and disengagement throughout your organization. This dashboard is built around a research-based model of employee performance that includes engagement, strategic alignment, and manager competency.


Combining these data-driven insights with our high-level business coaching, we come alongside you to help you identify the solutions that will drive positive change and cultivate a dynamic culture throughout your organization.

Performance Management and Inter-Work Relationships

Unhealthy manager/employee relationships are a leading cause of employee turnover in companies. A Gallup study found that half of US adults had left a job at some point in their career to get away from their manager, According to a study from SHRM, the cost of replacing that unhappy employee will range from $3200 to over $200,000, depending on their role in your company.  

Investing in strong, healthy, long-term manager/employee relationships will save your company a lot of money, and your managers and leaders a lot of headaches in the process!

At Business Builder Leadership Coaching, we make it easy for companies to raise their bottom line and cultivate positive performance management relationships throughout their organization. Utilizing our scientifically validated workplace personality assessment, we provide business owners and managers clarity regarding the unique motivation drivers, communication styles, and decision making processes which fuel each employee. We'll then combine these insights with powerful coaching to help each manager and employee form a personalized working relationship marked by improved communication, productivity, and a renewed business culture!  

Personality Assessments

Team Building and Talent Optimization

Few leaders would argue the point that high-performance teams are a cornerstone of business success. In fact, teamwork has become a critical business strategy.  

At Business Builder Leadership Coaching, we have years of experience in assessing team effectiveness and helping your team develop the skills to work more effectively together. Combining workplace personality assessments and utilizing face-to-face coaching, we will help your team build trust and optimize communication and decision making so that 
the entire team can excel. 

Team Building
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